Chasing Water…Falls on our Bucket List for World Water Day

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What if you had to choose between light and water, what would you choose?

We asked a few random volunteers which they would rather; and with no hesitation, all participants chose water. Water is such an amazing resource, that unlike light, cannot be formulated or replaced by alternative laboratory creations.

Water forms a part of most of our day to day activities, so much so that we have not given a second thought on how we would cope without it. From drinking pure water, mixing it into our beverages, cooking, showering, the main ingredient in most of our favorite products, the composition of our bodies - water is literally life.

We learnt that water comprises 70% of the earth’s surface. Our parents and grandparents before us and our children and grandchildren after, were also taught the same. Why has that statistic not changed? That is, in part, thanks to what is called ‘Groundwater’. Groundwater is water that exists between the soil, gravel, rocks and other components under the earth’s surface. When that water breaks through and enters the earth’s surface, we get relaxing rivers and beautiful, flowing cascades.

To us, groundwater is more than just valuable. It is imperative to the Caribbean way of life. Some of our favorite spots created by springs from groundwater are also some of the world’s most scenic, romantic and refreshing places.


The world famous UNESCO Heritage sight, Dunn’s River Falls, is number one on the list of falls you must see when you visit the island of Jamaica. The freshwater cascade sits 600ft above sea level at its peak and ends into the sea at the base of the river. The best of both worlds.

Dunn's River Falls

Next on the list, is the island’s first UNESCO World Heritage sight, the Blue Mountain. The Blue Mountain is the tallest peak in Jamaica, sitting at a comfortable 2,256 meters above sea level. The mountain is also home to approximately ten (10) fresh-water waterfalls that provide water to the community in the mountains, having little or no reliance on the local water system. Here’s an idea for a trip to the island of Jamaica, go falls hopping.The island is home to a number of them, including the stunning YS Falls, the gorgeous Blue Hole and the revered Konoko Falls.

Blue Mountain

YS Falls

Blue Hole


The Toraille Waterfalls in St. Lucia is the perfect refresher from a trip to Sulphur Springs. The falls is not very tall in comparison to others mentioned above but a 50ft falls in the small island of St. Lucia is worth visiting. The cascade empties into a natural pool, fit for wading, relaxing and picturesque moments.

Toraille Waterfalls


Grenada is another one of those islands that is great for falls hopping. Within close proximity of each other are the Dengadi, Cross, Golden and Mt. Carmel Waterfalls. This makes moving between the locations really easy. Yet still, the island’s most popular falls is the Annandale Falls. The falls being purely natural is the source of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the area. Though this is one of the island’s smallest falls, it is one of the easiest to access. It is located just outside the country’s capital, St. George and does not require a hike to get to.

Mt. Carmel Waterfalls

Simply put, water in the Caribbean is a big thing. Be it fresh or saltwater, a lot of how we enjoy the tropics depends on the natural water population. On World Water Day we celebrate and appreciate this special commodity by highlighting some of our most iconic water based activities, particularly those channeled from groundwater. Let us work together to accelerate the change needed to preserve this precious resource for future generations to enjoy. Happy World Water Day!

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