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Seven Incredible Encounters You Need to Know Exist in the Islands, featuring Waterfalls, Mountains, Swimming Pigs, and More


As consumer appetite peaks for travel now more than ever since the start of the pandemic, the Caribbean has become ripe for adventure, ticking all the boxes for a therapeutic, crowd-free, tropical fantasy. With the islands’ natural propensity for distancing in the great, big, open outdoors, the Caribbean is the perfect place to reignite the flame for bucket list adventures.

While off-the-rack adventures still remain a popular choice for some travelers, the trends are moving to a place where vacationers prefer to have a greater say in how they would like to design their next getaway. ‘We are in a new era of hyper-personalized travel whereby VIP access to unique sights and specialized guides are the norm’, according to the U.S. Travel Association. While this is already a trend in North America and Europe, these day-trip, immersive options are just making their way to the Caribbean. Made-to-measure trips are now becoming available in the islands, thanks to companies like Island Routes, the World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company, who is ensuring that even the most discerning travelers can enjoy highly-curated access to unique places out of bounds to most of us.

The Caribbean offers more tropical rainforests, rivers, and outdoor adventures than South America and Africa, being a mecca for a colorful tapestry of scenery, including crystal-clear rivers, majestic waterfalls, gorgeous turquoise seas and grand sweeping mountains. This is perfect for experienced travelers seeking to still escape, amidst new travel conditions, but more likely to visit easy to access destinations, with private and outdoor options that fit their personalized style.

With Island Routes’ recently launched Private and Bespoke Collections, travelers can tap into these magical places and explore with only the ones they know and trust and do so exactly how they envision it. Here are a few experiences that whisk guests off-the-radar to a few of the Caribbean’s most precious gems!

Power through the high seas on a Powerboat Adventure

Powerboat Charters, all-new to Jamaica, add a unique perspective to the island encounter, allowing for a uber-luxe vacation experience that showcases the islands from a new vantage point. These powerboat charters are distinctly curated allowing guests to feel the pulsating rhythms of the island; powering across the ocean blues, only slowing down to enjoy the iconic stops along the way. Highlights of this adventure include: a first-rate snorkeling experience, the easy climb of the world famous Dunn’s River Falls and experiencing other scenic locations across the island and the authenticity of the island’s Jerk Cuisine.

Charter Your Own Catamaran

Enjoy the Caribbean from the lens of the sea - on a stunning Catamaran Cruise - circumnavigating the island as captain of your own boat. Go off the mainland and into the open waters at high speed with complete exclusivity. Or choose to sail from island to island and snorkel in some of the world’s renowned snorkeling spots. Take on the high seas in the morning and feel the cooling winds of the tropics, hit the waters in the afternoon and bask in the glorious sunshine or unwind on the sea at sunset as the sun marries the horizon.

Konoko Falls

Topping the list of amazing - yet uncharted - sites is Konoko Falls in Jamaica. These beautiful, gushing cascades provide plenty of room to roam freely while embarking on some of the most grand adventures of a lifetime. The falls stretch to about 120ft. of absolute splendor with fresh water cascades, natural outdoor pools and access to a wide variety of outdoor activities, all in one go. Konoko is the perfect place to go under the radar in gorgeous botanical gardens, sauntering through amazing bird aviaries and listening to the local birds whistle like never heard before. Like a diamond in a chest of gold, within this beautiful tropical rainforest, seekers can find the glistening waters of the beautiful Blue Hole. While most tourists are linking arms with other tourists determined to climb Dunn’s River Falls, the more popular and common of the waterfalls on the island, guests can simmer down as they say it in Jamaica, knowing that they found a hidden gem, worth every bit of the journey.

The Blue Mountains

Not only is Blue Mountain Coffee a benchmark for world class coffee but so too is the mountain for world class and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Blue Mountain is 7,402ft of gorgeous panoramas of Jamaica's beautiful landscape. Being the highest point on the island, you can see the Jamaican vistas at a bird’s-eye-view. The trail to the peak is approximately 9km which makes for a thrilling hiking experience but is also a cyclist’s dream for a relaxing downhill ride. Take in a breath of fresh air at the peak of the mountain and enjoy the seclusion of the wide-open, beautiful landscape with only the ones you love, topping things off with a sumptuous feast on classic island delicacies.

Bamboo River Rafting

A favorite for all visitors to the island of Jamaica is a private getaway down the waters of a tropical rainforest on a bonafide bamboo raft. So deeply nestled into the forest, the only thing to be heard is the chirping of the birds and the folding of the water on itself. Rumour has it that somewhere along the river there is real hidden treasure, sealed away by the island’s arawak ancestors. Aboard a handmade bamboo raft, relax in true vacation fashion in a serene forest, down a soothing river with your soulmate. Stir things up with a dip in the water, playing Tarzan and Jane on the rope swing, and enjoying coconut water al fresco.

Swimming Pigs

Swimming with the pigs in the tropics is another unmatched experience. These unbelievably adorable animals inhabit a beautiful secluded island in the Bahamas known as Big Major Cay, where the waters are crystal-clear and the air is fresh! Playing, feeding and swimming with these precious animals makes for a true one-with-nature experience. Intensify your adventure with a boat ride between Iguana Island and the Bird Cay to encounter some of the Caribbean’s most exotic wildlife including the racing Stingrays. With waters as pristine as these, snorkeling is a must to enjoy the alluring aquatic life of this true Bahamian paradise. Going under the radar, in the Bahamas is really what it’s all about with these gorgeous animal havens at your disposal.

The Pitons

The Caribbean has a pair of twins quite unlike any other. The locals call them the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton. These twin volcanic plugs are absolutely stunning providing the perfect off the grid travels for discerning travelers seeking an epic adventure. At the base of the Pitons the marine life is just gorgeous making for a truly amazing snorkeling experience. Escape the bustling towns and relax in the wide-open seas, swaying in your boat at the foot of the Pitons and watch as the sun sinks into the horizon; lighting the sky with hues of red and orange and maybe even glimpse the elusive green flash. To make a spell of perfection even better, visiting the gorgeous island of St. Lucia just got even better, since being classified by the CDC as safe for travel.

With more tour operators such as Island Routes offering bespoke adventures, the way you spend your vacation is ultimately in your hands.

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures provides access to a wide variety of private, create your own, extraordinary experiences. For Island Routes, all tours and experiences, from the extreme to the soft adventure, are enjoyed outdoors. The company has unveiled a rigorous approach to their world class safety protocols which they’ve coined the Pure Outdoor Promise. This promise is geared toward ensuring that travelers can bask in authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences with nothing to think about but pure, carefree – and safe – adventure.

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures:

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures was founded in 2009 to feature the very best, off-the-beaten-path voyages to travelers and adventure seekers far and wide. Operating in 12 countries – Antigua; Aruba; the Bahamas; Barbados; the Cayman Islands; Dominican Republic; Grenada; Jamaica; Mexico; Saint Lucia; St. Maarten and the Turks & Caicos, this award-winning lifestyle management company includes a dedicated team of islanders, sea-mates, adventure-seekers and experiential-masters who spotlight the best-of-the-best expeditions and destinations for everyone. The team at Island Routes believes in fostering positive change to the Caribbean business landscape, upholding the company's vision to nurture the region with the development of sustainability programs and both land and sea preservation efforts. For more information, visit

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