Wonder This Way

Wonder this way...with us

Our beautiful islands definitely form the 8th Wonder of the World, surrounded by no boundaries and endless opportunities. Our sea. Not one blue, one shore or one sand. But many shades and textures and people. Beautiful surf, wild currents. Wonder all the way from the beach to the bush. Wonder is our promise. Wonder this way with us.

Our islands are enchanted, magical places that you, too, can escape and bask in. They sparkle and glimmer like precious jewels. They hum with a buzz of excitement and anticipation. An adventure awaits in our forests and on our beaches. On top of our mountains and deep within the sea. This is your invitation to share in our special place. Because for us, it’s medicine for the soul. Let us heal your soul.

Allow us to take you off the grid to explore nature’s untapped beauty whether by land, air, sea or even underground. With our team of expert guides and seafarers, who will help you turn amazing adventures into once-in-a-lifetime memories so that you can relive each experience one memory, photograph or conversation- at a time. Our hands are stretched to meet yours as we take you into the heart of the islands to experience the locals’ everyday treasures so you can enjoy the Caribbean, authentically.

500+ Tours in 13 Destinations

Our Guiding Light

We are guided by the principles that spellbinding beauty, mixed with enchanting destinations and off-the-beaten-path gems, along with an insurmountable amount of boundless energy and happiness, is the essence of Island Routes.

At our core, we believe that everyone deserves to travel. It is the curiosity of new places and new people that drive travelers and adventure-seekers to explore. At Island Routes, we live to explore too. To experience the extraordinary. To go beyond our normal. Push limits. To inspire others to enjoy as well. Ultimately, to be happy, feel more, and be more. We believe in wonder. In magical moments that nature gifts.

We believe that we can reach new heights, beyond our wildest dreams and imagination. So we do, and we invite you in to feel the vibes. Feel our magic. Feel the wonder. Wonder this way.

Our Magic

While you immerse yourself in the beauty that is the Caribbean, do so knowing that your safety is our first priority.

With us as your guide through dreamy tropical rainforests and dark underground caves, you can rest at ease that your experience will be nothing short of amazing with your expert and unparalleled island guide. Wonder through some of the best expeditions ever encountered in the world and watch us make them even better with the Island Routes enchanted touch.

We want you to live in the moment - with us - so from the point you book to your last excursion during your journey to the islands, we are prepared to do backflips so that your every fancy is met and your every need is satisfied. Welcome to hospitality at its finest!

The Island Charm

We only take you to places that we know and love (after all, we live, sleep and breathe in these islands), selecting the most authentic, brag-worthy and instagrammable experiences and bringing them to life for you.

Our expert island specialists have carefully selected the creme de la creme curated excursions, adventures and escapades; and have dotted 12 beautiful destinations to call home, where you can have the most unforgettable tropical experiences; Antigua, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Mexico, Saint Lucia; Sint. Maarten and the Turks & Caicos.

There is not one adventure in any of these islands that is like the other. Each island has its own unique charm. Wonder this way with us and you are sure to uncover them all.

The Golden Touch

We strive to highlight every detail that makes the islands a tropical hub. From the gentle island breeze to the glorious tropical sunshine; powdery, white sands and deep seas riddled with hues of blue; majestic mountains and gushing white cascades.

Those who have wondered this way with us already can attest to the exemplary service and mind blowing wonders they have experienced and so among our treasures are our TripAdvisor awards. Each interaction with you, teaches us how we can improve on our adventures individually and collectively.

It is your feedback that has led us to being named the World's Leading Caribbean Attraction Company. We set the standard for award-winning experiences and have become the only tour company globally to have been awarded the Six Star Diamond Award.

Our Secret Mission

Not only do we promote undiluted Caribbean escapism, but so too do we foster the sustainable preservation of our land and sea through a number of our region-wide preservation efforts and missions. It is as important to us to keep the Caribbean happy, healthy and hazard-free as it is for us to have authentic adventures.

Experience Paradise just as you like it

Whether you want to go exploring with your nearest and dearest or go it alone, we have the right experiences for you whatever your mood.

Sit tight, we're searching hundreds of adventures to find the best deals for you

Sit tight, we're searching hundreds of adventures to find the best deals for you

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