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June is a very exciting month for the Island Routes team and this year it is even more exciting! As we look forward to celebrating our 13th anniversary, we set our eyes on onboarding our 13th destination, Curaçao.

A little backstory…Island Routes entered the Jamaican market in June 2009 and since then, the company has made one step after the other, to now be in a total of 13 destinations; showcasing the beauty of the Caribbean to the rest of the world.

To commemorate these two landmarks for the company, we are sharing a list of what some of our team, guests and travel partners have made into 13 reasons to love Island Routes!

1. The Caribbean’s Best Selection of Authentic Experiences

Without the finesse of a curated space, Island Routes pinpoints the finest beauty in the Caribbean and showcases them just how they were meant to be seen. From the brightest blues to the charming greens and even the rugged browns too.

Outside the gates of the hotel are locals versed in the island’s colloquial tongue. Swing by and say hello and receive a hearty ‘Waah Gwaan’ (What’s going on?) in return. ‘Yea man’ is not just a phrase for tourists. Here in the Caribbean, the two words form a confident ‘Yes’ to any question worth answering.

Beyond the man on a cart, selling fruits and vegetables and random vendors of clothes and local, on-trend apparels, are the backcountry that the islanders grew up in. Hills, valleys and plains, tall trees and thriving shrubs, little dirt roads that lead to gorgeous, glistening rivers and sometimes a rewarding waterfall. Those are the things you don’t see just anywhere. Not at the hotel nor resort and certainly not on your own.

Island Routes has a body of people that know the Caribbean as you know your own home. These island specialists have the unique quality to take you off the paved roads and into the heart of the island to see the destination in her most authentic form.

2. Guest Experience is Our Top Priority

While a business is a business is a business, Island Routes takes the impersonal out of the formal and puts their guests first. It’s not just customer service. It’s a genuine desire to ensure that the people we come in contact with, are truly enjoying the tropics the way that we do.

Naturally, because of the bright, sunshiny weather, the Caribbean is a happy place. People of the tropics have a natural aptitude for happiness and when they love what they do, that is happiness. When the team is happy, guests will no doubt contract that happiness and that is the Island Routes way of life.

We encourage our guests as much as possible to give their feedback on their experiences, be it on Tripadvisor or by emailing customersupport@islandroutes.com. The team engages customer satisfaction on every level. From booking the experience, to going out on the tour to listening to your feedback, good or bad. Each step of the way your feedback is taken into great consideration.

3. Found Across the Caribbean

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘birds of a feather flock together’? The proverb is most times used to express that like-minded persons can be found in each other's company. Island Routes believes in this. We take our time to procure tours from partners who we believe share the same standard for service as we do, as well as the passion to share the Caribbean’s beauty with all who choose to roam here.

However, we understand that some guests prefer to have live and in person interactions with us and so in each of our destinations, we are there with you.

We ensure to have at least one tour desk in each location so that the team can best guide you to dreamy experiences live from the ground and address any concerns you may have in person.

4. We Specialize in Scenic Destinations

When it comes to brilliant blue skies resting comfortably above the clear, glistening waters of the Caribbean Sea; tall, slender trees cascading over the other and leading the visual passage to the sound of rushing waters nearby; Striating rocks along cave walls or laying in wait on the seafloor; Island Routes has the key to uncovering the most captivating sights in the tropics.

Finding and showcasing the beauty of the islands is what we specialize in. And we have an experience for every occasion - a picnic, engagement, incentive trip, romantic day or evening out. No better place to see the tropics than the Island Routes Caribbean.

5. One of a Kind Tour Selections are a Must

A part of the reason Island Routes is so widely loved is our ability to provide experiences that can not be found anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Have you ever imagined leaving your home country to drive on the streets of a country you are only in for two weeks? The company provides the best, guided, ‘drive-your own’ adventures in the tropics that leads to the most iconic destinations with you behind the wheel. Powerboats are a favorite, especially for the island of Jamaica. Island Routes remains the only tour company on the island to provide this hair raising experience. The powerboat tours take you across the gorgeous blues and only slowing down to see the island’s most iconic locations - Rick’s Cafe, Dunn’s River Falls and Laughing Waters, just to name a few.

Tour combinations are also a big plus. We take stand alone experiences, put them together to create a full or half day package, giving guests the best value for their dollar.

6. You can Enjoy the Tropics without Lifting a Finger

Island Routes is a full-service destination management company. We partner with a variety of airlines across North America and Canada to take you to the destinations we know best.

We provide transfers from the airport and arrange your hotel stay as well.

Once on property, we take you into the destination for one-of-a-kind experiences. Sail the ocean blues, hike the mountains, circumnavigate the islands, snorkel the under sea world, plunder the terrain by Buggy or ATV, search the skies on ziplines or helicopters and flavorful adventures in every island.

Anything you think of, we have or can create. A complete destination experience in the blink of an eye.

7. We Give Back to the Communities We Play In

Since the outdoors is where most of our good, great and simply amazing times happen, not only do we have to take care of it but it is also important that we put back into it. We have teamed up with a number of non-profit organizations to offer extraordinary voluntourism experiences for travelers across the Caribbean.

Full-time students who chose to participate can earn up to 10 community service hours for their time. But best of all, the projects chosen all positively impact the local communities in which they operate. The reading road trip, pack for a purpose and turtle watching programs are only a few of those efforts.

Experiences like the Oistins Express, Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party and our Mini-Routes tours are not only exciting experiences to enjoy but from the earnings generated, we also use a portion to develop the surrounding communities.

8. We Give Back to Our Guests

One thing Island Routes will do is offer a discount. And if you keep an eye on our social media pages @islandroutes you might redeem a free tour or two. Not only do we want you to enjoy the experience but we also want you to have the best-of-the-best in the Caribbean with the best deals possible.

As a part of our anniversary special guests can actually book select tours and receive a 13% discount between the 6th and 10th of June.

9. The Island Routes Caribbean’s only Female Captain

Captain Sydelle! The vibrant captain has been sailing the great ocean blues since the start. Female among her all male counterparts started sailing one of our biggest catamarans on June 1, 2009 and transitioned into her donut-making powerboat journey, May 9, 2021. Sydelle has not only made her rounds on the sea but is also a big hit on Tripadvisor.

10. Nobody is Left Behind

Adventure seekers are not only developed but they are sometimes born with the natural appetite for the outdoors. We understood the assignment and ensured that a variety of ages are included to explore Mother Nature at her finest. From two (2) years to beyond are A-O-K to wonder this way. The young and young at heart are welcomed.

There are no worries either for those who don’t want the high intensity tours like the Powerboat, snorkeling, hiking, biking or ATV. There are more relaxing experiences like sailing down a chattering river to the sound of nature, birds chirping and trees rustling or sailing the sea, made red, by the setting sun.

11. Voted World’s Leading…

If we were not convinced that we are doing our best to make our mark, our consumers have reassured us that we are top of their minds when it comes to the best-of-the-best.

For the 9th year in 2021, consumers have voted us the Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tour Operator and for the 11th year, the World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company. Voting is currently open for the 2022 category for which we have been nominated.

To add, we are also 14-time recipients of the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards. Our guests have spoken and the world has heard.

12. Six Star Diamond Tour Company

If our consumers' voices were not enough, the trade has also supported the claim that Island Routes is the world’s leading provider of authentic Caribbean experiences. We are currently the world’s only tour company to have been awarded the Six Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS).

For the 9th year in 2021, consumers have voted us the Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tour Operator and for the 11th year, the World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company. Voting is currently open for the 2022 category for which we have been nominated.

According to the AAHS  “What is distinctly impressive regarding the Star Diamond Award is the fact that [it] honors excellence that is attained not only on a one-time basis, but rather spotlights the optimal performance of its members in the worldwide tourism and hospitality industry year after year.”

13. All of the above

All else aside, the team at Island Routes loves what they do and that has become more and more apparent as the years go by. We could not be more excited to have a team of island dreamers that are as driven to highlight and show off the beauty of our island to the world.

We are equally excited to ensure the sustainability of our environment by creating and promoting more eco-friendly experiences and by building up the communities we play in.

We aim to discover bluer blues, greener greens and yellowing yellows with all of you by our side and we thank you for your support to make that a reality, in the opening of our doors in Curaçao on our 13th anniversary.

Big up yourself, big up the Caribbean and big up Island Routes on our big 13! Wonder this way… islandroutes.com

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