A Natural Remedy For Mental Decline

Five mind-conscious experiences Guests can enjoy on their next visit to the Caribbean


Over the last couple years, the world has changed as we know it. Top of mind now, is the growing concern for mental stability and rightfully so. As World Mental Health Day comes around and the world begins to think about more ways to keep our minds in check, the Caribbean continues to be adept in offering so much of what your body needs for its overall wellness.

The outdoors lends itself to natural remedies to promote body wellness. Vacationers now, are not only looking to have a great time but also ensure that they alleviate stress and anxiety caused by modern day stressors. According to Harvard Medical School, ‘Research suggests that mood disorders can be lifted by spending more time outdoors’. The Caribbean, rhetorically known for its sand, sun and sea, in reality, is one of the best places to take in the outdoors, at this time. These small islands are home to an abundance of rainforests, hidden rivers and gushing cascades, not only do you take in natural Vitamin D but you also enjoy Vitamin Sea and overall mental wellness. Companies like Island Routes, the World’s Leading Caribbean Attraction Company, specialize in exploring the scenic outdoors and make mental preservation an easy endeavour for all its guests.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, Island Routes has spotlighted some of their most outdoorsy experiences across the Caribbean, that vacationers can look to enjoy whenever they choose to roam the tropics.

Bamboo River Rafting in Jamaica

A favorite for all visitors to the island of Jamaica is a private getaway down the waters of a tropical rainforest on a bonafide bamboo raft. So deeply nestled into the forest, the only thing to be heard is the chirping of the birds and the folding of the water on itself. Rumour has it that somewhere along the river there is real hidden treasure, sealed away by the island’s arawak ancestors. Aboard a handmade bamboo raft, relax in true vacation fashion in a serene forest, down a soothing river with your soulmate. Stir things up with a dip in the water, playing Tarzan and Jane on the rope swing, and enjoying coconut water al fresco.

See the Pitons in St. Lucia

The Caribbean has a pair of twins quite unlike any other. The locals call them the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton. These twin volcanic plugs are absolutely stunning providing the perfect off the grid travels for discerning travelers seeking an epic adventure. At the base of the Pitons the marine life is just gorgeous making for a truly amazing snorkeling experience. Escape the bustling towns and relax in the wide-open seas, swaying in your boat at the foot of the Pitons and watch as the sun sinks into the horizon; lighting the sky with hues of red and orange and maybe even glimpse the elusive green flash.

Swim with the Pigs in Bahamas

Swimming with the pigs in the tropics is another unmatched experience. These unbelievably adorable animals inhabit a beautiful secluded island in the Bahamas known as Big Major Cay, where the waters are crystal-clear and the air is fresh! Playing, feeding and swimming with these precious animals makes for a true one-with-nature experience. Intensify your adventure with a boat ride between Iguana Island and the Bird Cay to encounter some of the Caribbean’s most exotic wildlife including the racing Stingrays. With waters as pristine as these, snorkeling is a must to enjoy the alluring aquatic life of this true Bahamian paradise. Going under the radar, in the Bahamas is really what it’s all about with these gorgeous animal havens at your disposal.

Circumnavigate the Providenciales

The islands that make up the Turks and Caicos contain some of the Caribbean’s most best kept secrets. Jump in a luxury speed boat and explore some of these islands as the captain of your own vacation. Snorkel the bluest waters teeming with brilliant marine life and encounter unique animals like the islands’ local Iguanas, Stingrays and Turtles. With an abundance of seclusion, stop at one of the many private islands and sunbathe or beach break the day away.

Go Underground in Barbados

The experiences to be had in Barbados are limitless, From kayaking across the sea to rum tasting in the mountains, there is always much to do. One of the vacationer's favorites is going beneath the surface and being amazed by stunning underground streams and waterfalls, perfectly placed by nature’s hand inside the cavern. It is always gorgeous exploring the island by sea but roaming underground is definitely a unique experience.

Your mental health is of utmost importance. As we continue to understand what our new social habits have become, your mental health and overall body wellness should be your first concern. With the Caribbean’s natural openness to the outdoors, consider the tropics for next mental getaway. Learn more about your body’s health vs the outdoors here.

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures:

Island Routes Caribbean Adventures was founded in 2009 to feature the very best, off-the-beaten-path voyages to travelers and adventure seekers far and wide. Operating in 12 countries – Antigua; Aruba; the Bahamas; Barbados; the Cayman Islands; Dominican Republic; Grenada; Jamaica; Mexico; Saint Lucia; St. Maarten and the Turks & Caicos, this award-winning lifestyle management company includes a dedicated team of islanders, sea-mates, adventure-seekers and experiential-masters who spotlight the best-of-the-best expeditions and destinations for everyone. The team at Island Routes believes in fostering positive change to the Caribbean business landscape, upholding the company's vision to nurture the region with the development of sustainability programs and both land and sea preservation efforts. For more information, visit islandroutes.com.

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