5 Ways to Enjoy The Blue Mountain in Jamaica

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Scenic Views, Crisp Waterfalls and lush rainforests-The Blue Mountain offers the ideal relaxed environment for nature lovers seeking to experience something outside the beaten paths (or hustle and bustle of the city).

The Mountain offers the best of both worlds, showcasing nature at its finest for both the adventurous and those wanting a more relaxed experience. Get your adrenaline pumping through the hiking trails or get cozy and intimate while doing a picnic at the peak and listen to the fresh flowing falls cascading down the hills of the mountain. The Blue Mountain is an absolute beauty and treasure waiting to be explored and experienced.

Join us and do these five activities to get the best piece of paradise on the Mountain:

Biking the Blue

It is said that the best ways to experience the Blue Mountain are by foot and bike. The Blue Mountain offers you a beautiful way to see Jamaica through the downhill bicycle tour that is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat-literally! Indulge in the rich history and culture of the Caribbean and make amazing memories as you ride through the mountainous terrain.

Capture beautiful moments with the ones you love in the once in a lifetime adventure that showcases the views of Jamaica only to be seen from the country’s highest peak. Put your body to the test and let us take on the Mountain by bike.

Hiking the Hills

It's the perfect time to gather a group of friends and traverse the rustic hills of the Blue Mountain. Explore the thick forested trails, inhale the fresh, clean air while listening to the chirping of the over one hundred species of birds humming along the trail.

It is said that hiking provides numerous benefits for those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will also relax and center your mind while providing an opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the peak and lows of the valley. What would be interesting is to pair hiking and biking-that’s an adventure that would unreel new memories and new levels of happiness amongst those seeking to have a good time!

Wonderful Waterfalls

The adventures in Wonderfall are not all scary but there are warm family oriented experiences to share with those you love. It is said in Jamaica that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly and the ‘Puddin Man’ in St. Ann is a great way to share the warmth with your loved ones and family this fall.

It is said that you can wash your worries away at any one of the  Waterfalls located within the Blue Mountains. After hiking and biking through the mountains, get your hair a little wet by plunging into the cascading falls and experience the cool crisp water below. It may be a little chilly- but experience nature in its purest unspoilt form as the water beats and massages all your pain and troubles away.

Feel the beat of the falls within your bones or relax with a refreshing swim in the mini pools. Whatever way you choose, experience the paradise that is The Blue Mountain.

Picnics at the Peak

Some good food and a beautiful view-sounds just about perfect. At the peak of the Blue Mountain at just about 7,000ft you can enjoy a beautiful picnic with your special someone. Take a moment to relax, unwind and as Jamaicans say ‘full yuh belly’ (full your belly) and bask in the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds you.

The Mountains provide a space for you to unravel your picnic towels and become one with nature as you breathe in the fresh mountain air, look up at the beautiful blue skies while enjoying good food. It does not get better than that! Picnics can also be had by the river - it gives the best of both worlds, for those seeking a marvelous time in Jamaica.

Coffee & Conversation

Blue Mountain is synonymous with coffee! You cannot experience Blue Mountain without seeing the coffee plant and tasting some freshly brewed coffee, which is known globally for its excellent and rich taste. See the coffee beans before processing as these plants line the hiking trails and also walk through the coffee farmlands and hear first hand from planters within their fields.

It is amazing to see those little red beans and imagine how they can be turned into rich Jamaican coffee that is loved and enjoyed by many. Make sure to bring some of the coffee to your picnic at the peak. This is a must do when visiting the Blue Mountain and ensure you purchase some of this coffee to bring back home.

Visiting Jamaica would not be complete without experiencing The Blue Mountain. For those seeking to get their adrenaline racing or those seeking a more intimate and relaxing experience - the Mountain offers it all! The air is a little fresher, the water a little cooler and the skies a little bluer at The Mountain. Wonder this way and lets Go Beyond the beaten path.

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Contributed by: Blue Mountain Tours

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