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Between the capital Nassau in the Bahamas and the Exumas island chain, there is something for everyone. From the adventurer and the chillaxed, to the introverted and outgoing, these destinations offer some of the best beachside lazing opportunities, snorkeling, and architectural sightseeing. But why opt for the norm when you can enjoy tailor-made, wildly unique experiences?


If Nassau is on your post-pandemic bucket list, you’re in luck. This 80 square mile paradise is known for beaches and offshore coral reefs. Diving and snorkeling are among the most popular activities here, and the island is revered for its pastel-stained British colonial architecture. However, you’re invited to plan for an itinerary full of exclusivity.

Day gorge in Downtown Nassau

Bahamian fare is an eclectic mix of southern American and traditional Caribbean cuisine. You can delight in cracked conch, stew fish, pigeon peas and rice, and johnny cakes for the typical standard. For something different, seek out Souse, a famous Bahamian stewed dish with onions, lime juice, celery, peppers, potatoes, carrots, bay leaves, and meat — which could include anything from chicken or sheep's tongue to pork, oxtail, or pig’s feet. If your palate is a little less adventurous or you’re not the I’ll-try-anything-at-least-once type, there’s always a fish fry nearby—a more traditional but equally sumptuous cuisine experience. Leave room for Guava Duff (and don’t forget the rum custard side). Top off your meal with The Yellow Bird or the unofficial national cocktail of the Bahamas, Goombay Smash, a secret recipe favorite akin to rum punch.

Take a cigar rolling course

This unique tour can be combined with a rum tasting, featuring a variety of world-renowned rums. Cigar aficionados will be taken back to a time when the making of a fine cigar was only produced by hand. Senses are heightened from the moment of entry with scents of the smooth and silky Chateau Grand Cru or the powerful Espresso filling the air. This experience is certainly for those who appreciate exclusive encounters.

Dive into a showstopping sculpture garden

The best dive spots in the Bahamas are generally associated with healthy reef systems, sharks, and shadowy caverns. SNUBA is also more widely available these days. But there is only one underwater art installation in the Bahamas—that’s where you’ll want visit to tout that you explored the world’s largest underwater sculpture park, a perfect fusion of art, education, and conservation.

Immerse yourself in the joy of Junkanoo

Planning your trip around the Junkanoo Festival not only means that you’ll be enjoying the sunshine when most of the United States is grumbling about the winter season, but it also means you’ve secured your involvement in the biggest cultural event on the island!

Taking part in the annual Junkanoo Festival is one of the most exciting things to do in The Bahamas

You get to experience a full-on enriching immersion through music, costumes, cultural instruments, and more. Mark your calendar – Junkanoo is held on January 1 every year.


Jet-setting or boating from Nassau to the Exumas is half the fun, but once there, you’ll discover bespoke experiences unique to this remarkable locale.

Meet the Swimming Pigs

While some swim with the sharks or dolphins, those who trek to the Exumas can also swim with pigs. Some say these docile creatures were cargo left by sailors, who planned to come back and eat them. Or that the pigs made it to Big Major Cay by swimming over from a shipwreck nearby. No matter how they got there, this unbelievable experience will make for a great story for your family and friends for generations to come.

Get lost with your love

Breathtaking experiences (both figuratively and literally) abound in the Exumas. There is a particular time of day when the cobalt waters separate just enough to expose a small patch of sand: The Saddleback sandbar. Saddleback is a low-tide beach that forms naturally in the middle of the sea, rising like an island only to disappear. This incredible encounter will take your breath away. Be sure to film a quick time lapse to capture the magic. If you’re up for a bit of adventure, trek to Thunderball Grotto, where at low tide, you can swim through passageways to discover an opulent cavern inside. WARNING: You must be able to hold your breath for 10 seconds!

Chat, conch hunt, and chill (say that 5x fast)!

This bucket list-worthy hangout features a Sunday pig roast, beach volleyball, open-air bar, and delectable signature dishes and sauces. At Chat ‘N’ Chill’s waterside Conch Shack, experience a Bahamian tradition, learning how to catch and crack conch. A ‘conch man’ then skins the conch, cleans it, chops it up, and prepares conch salad with locally grown veggies and Bahamian sea salt. For the ultimate experience, you can opt to imbibe a conch pistol, known to locals as the “Bahamian Viagra.” Don’t forget to bring an extra top. Just like visitors can’t leave a blues joint without singing the blues, if you really make an impression, you can’t exit Chat ‘N’ Chill without leaving your shirt behind!

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