Top 5 Chocolate Tours that Sweeten the Caribbean

Chocolate and their well known cacao pods or as the Mayans called it, ‘drink of the gods’ is more than just a sweet treat. The delicious topping, syrup, additive, flavoring and fragrance has medicinal properties that make this cheat treat a rewarding one.

The first cacao plant - from which chocolate is formed - was found over 4 millenia ago in Mexico, and since then, the plant has become a multifaceted house for delight and curology. Chocolate, when eaten in moderation can “help [to] protect your cells from inflammation, improve your brain function, and boost your immune and cardiovascular health” according to WebMD 2020. That paired with the urge to curb your sweet tooth makes chocolate the perfect tropical delight.

St. Lucia’s Chocolatier

Amazing is to chocolate as chocolate making is to St. Lucia! Contrary to the past where the region was a big importer of the savory treat, countries like St. Lucia have moved away from importing chocolate and are now making and exporting their own chocolate bars and treats. On excursions like the St. Lucia Rum and Chocolate Experience you not only have the chance to taste the island’s best chocolate produce but you also have the opportunity to make your own bar of chocolate. This coupled with a taste of the local liquors makes this experience superior.

Another interesting experience on the island and what seems to be a favorite of non-locals, is the Chocolate Decadence. This is a bean to bar experience like no other. This excursion takes you to the world famous Hotel Chocolat that was originally named because they believed that the taste of their chocolate takes you to another destination. On the experience, you have the opportunity to make your own chocolatey treat from beans grown right there on the property. Being a more robust kind of experience, it also takes you - by way of sea - on a catamaran, to see the UNESCO Heritage site, the Pitons and includes a relaxing trip to the naturally formed mud baths in Soufriere.

Chocolate-coated Grenada

The Spice Isle did not get its name for having only a few spices. Grenada is called the Isle of Spice beauce of the wide array of spices and herbs that can be found on the island; and that includes the flavourful cocoa. Grenada has one of the world’s most potent tasting chocolate flavors; primarily contributed by the volcanic richness of the soil and the direct Vitamin D from the 87° weather.

On the Best Of Grenada Historical Spice Tour and Annandale Waterfall Experience, you have the opportunity to taste the island’s yummy chocolate at the island’s premier chocolatier, the Diamond Chocolate Factory and Cocoa Estate, for a bean to bar experience. The Historical Sightseeing and Concord Waterfall Experience is another that takes you to the estate.

Chocoholics in Bahamas

One of the highlights of the Bahamian culture is the tasty complexity of their cuisine. From the freshest catches to the most savory delights, Bahamas has a knack for delectable experiences. On the Bites of Nassau Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour, you have the opportunity to indulge in the best Bahamian flavors, including the local chocolate from the island’s most revered chocolate factory. At Graycliff, you make your own bar and learn secrets of the trade from master chocolatiers.

World Chocolate Day

The Caribbean and its rich (tasting) chocolate history could not go unrecognized on this remarkable day. A day in honor of, debatably, the world’s most flavorful delight. Happy World Chocolate Day!

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