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After reading this post, unplug all your gadgets and leave them at home. To commemorate today, National Day of Unplugging we are unplugging our devices and plugging into the great outdoors. Inhale the fresh air and immerse yourself in the beauties of nature all around you. For today let's forget all about the WIFI connection and connect with the flora and fauna that is at your fingertips. The Caribbean outdoors are open to you, whether you want to dive into the glistening azul seas or get up close and personal with exotic animals, here in paradise Caribbean, there is plenty to do in the outdoors.

If you are in any of these islands for the day or you are thinking about connecting with the touch, taste and feel of the outdoors here are four (4) islands to visit for their enchanting and extraordinarily diverse outdoor adventures. Come and let us experience the wonders of the Caribbean outdoors, together.


Losing your creative juice from the monotony of your day to day routine? The outdoors can improve your mood with a few simple steps -Saddle Up, Settle in and Sail into the serenity of the outdoors. Get off the beaten path and feel the wind in your hair or the Caribbean Sea on your feet. Surround yourself with nature and amazing adventures as you cycle along the Antiguan coastlines enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenic views. Make sure to take it all in- the views, the sounds and the overall feeling. Listen to the country’s feathered friends make soothing sounds as you continue on your journey of the great outdoors.

Leave the gadgets at home and live in the moment, in your grand exploration of Antigua's gorgeous landscapes -not on your feet but on the top of a powerful beast. Saddle up and settle on your horse and strut across the white sand beaches as you feel the warm Caribbean sun on your skin and the refreshing Caribbean breeze through your hair.

Another good one is snorkeling the beautiful Caribbean sea. From the vantage point of beautiful Antigua with sealegs equipped, meet some of the most beautiful underwater creatures like the local assortment of vibrant fish and brightly coloured corals lying below. The great outdoors has plenty to offer and the beauties on the outside provide amazing adventures and experiences for you to enjoy, from amazing snorkeling sites to pristine scenic views.


Jamaica! Jamaica! The land of wood and water. Ralph Waldo Emerson says “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” Let us take a deep trip into the belly of mother nature. View some of the finest areas of nature and witness some of the scariest creatures on earth - the crocs! No need to fear, you will be safe. Just take the opportunity to appreciate unspeakable and unspoilt nature. At the Jamaica Swamp Safari Village - see the crocodiles, monkeys, raccoons and birds of all types. Make invigorating memories and capture unforgettable moments in the lush outdoors. Soar through the skies and unearth your inner ‘tarzan’ as you glide along the tree tops and overlook the spectacular outdoors. Power through the rugged terrains of the Jamaican countryside on an ATV. Get a little dirty while having unimaginable fun.

Whether you are looking to create zen or get adrenaline pumping the great outdoors offer you the best of both worlds. Leave all the gadgets at home and rejuvenate and refuel yourself by plugging into Mother Nature - our greatest resource. For more amazing outdoor experiences in Jamaica read more in Enjoy Your Winter The Right Way.

St. Lucia

Lose your cell phone and find your soul in the great Caribbean outdoors. Become one with nature and we mean that literally. Immerse yourself in the wonders of St. Lucia. The great outdoors does not just provide enjoyment but heals the mind, soul and body. Take a once in a lifetime trip and dip into the sulphur spring and enjoy the healing properties of the mineral rich mud. Release the toxins from your body and experience nature’s best. Leave the hustle and bustle behind as you hike through the rainforest of Anse La Raye and witness the panoramic views and beautiful untouched areas in nature.

Let down your hair and get it a little wet, as you plunge into the cool St. Lucian waters. Feel the refreshing cascading waters of the falls and wash away all the worries of the world. The outdoors provide you an opportunity to relax and soak in all the beauty of the world. Put the world on pause for a moment as you enjoy the outdoors, filled with many historical highlights and unique hidden gems that will take your breath away. In nature everything is perfect as the great outdoors offer blissful tranquility, ideal for the routine rejuvenation of the mind and soul. Unplug from the world and plug into the enchanted paradise.

Turks & Caicos

Who said the outdoors can't be fun? Ditch the cellphones, tablets and laptops and make the best of the outdoors. Get the most wholesome experience possible and try a new adventure as you journey through the outdoors. Paddle up at sea with an interesting paddle boat/kayak ride through the mangroves and witness the beauty of the surrounding wildlife unfold, the tune of melodic birds a plus on on your day’s adventure. Enjoy the best of the island at the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve. Turtles, sharks, iguanas - who knows what you might see.

A little time away from the screen is just what the doctor prescribed. The wonders of The Caribbean awaits. Unplug all those gadgets and plug into the beautiful outdoors.

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Contributed by: Blue Mountain Tours

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