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Wonder into tropical love and bliss with the white sands and blue seas of the Caribbean. Get away from the hustle and bustle and dive into peaceful paradise with your special person. Some of the world’s most intimate spots are hidden in the Caribbean and can provide you with the ultimate experience this Valentine’s Day. Let us go off the beaten paths and fill our itineraries with tranquility, love and Caribbean warmth. Let’s explore the Route to Love in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia

On our Route to Love, the first stop is St. Lucia. St. Lucia is a couples playground and offers some of the most luxurious experiences for couples seeking a romantic adventure. With so many options to choose from, it is a romantic getaway guarantee on the romance isle of the Caribbean.

A Sweet & Savoury Love

Esi Eduyan said “If I share my chocolate with you, then you are very special”. Create special sweet memories with your sweetheart by making delicious chocolate for your love. Get your hands a little dirty and dive into this chocolate lover's dream and get hands on together with your special someone. Let your love come alive as you create some sweet treats on this once in a lifetime chocolate lovers paradise. If food is your love language, find the perfect way to your partner's heart by making them a meal filled with Caribbean flavors, spices and LOVE. Savor the moment and the meal as you create delectable dishes from the Caribbean through expert chefs.Spicing up your palettes and your hearts. Everything will taste better when you're in the Caribbean and it will be special because you both will be doing it together. On your Route to Love, stop by St. Lucia for something savory and sweet - and that is not just your special someone now!

Romance on the St. Lucian Seas

Known as the island of love, take a deep breath and explore the beauty and romance that is St. Lucia. Leave the hustle and bustle of life behind and make beautiful Valentine memories in the love island. Settle into the arms of your love as you overlook the mystical Caribbean seas and watch the gorgeous golden sunset fall below the horizon. Rekindle your romance as you dance the evening away in the arms of the one you love. On a beautiful evening sail in St. Lucia you are sure to fall in love all over again on your perfect Caribbean love getaway. On your Route to Love soak in all the romance on the St. Lucian seas and enjoy a picturesque moment of the Caribbean and your love.

On your Route to Love where will you head next? Let us sail the Caribbean seas and head down to Barbados…


Experience the Bajan vibes, tenderness and warmth and indulge in the Islands best. As you sail down from St. Lucia, stop and experience the beauty that truly is Barbados.

Roses or Rum

Here in the Caribbean, we show our love a little differently. Roses are red and violets are blue, rum is a good way to show that I Love You. Let's go on a Caribbean love adventure. Grab your boo and drive through the Bajan streets and visit some of the most historical places within the island. Enjoy the beauty that truly is Barbados with your special someone. As you walk hand in hand through the Bajan streets snap a few pictures and make lasting memories. Also, nothing will spice up your love life more than ‘good-ole’ Caribbean rum. Ditch the roses this Valentine and share some Caribbean love with our authentic, flavorful rum. On your romantic experience in paradise, let rum be a key component. Rum will create plenty of love and laughter and lasting memories even when the getaway is finished. Your partner, you, the Caribbean and a bottle of rum- the perfect combination for a romantic celebration in paradise. Let rum be a part of your Route to Love and ignite passions this Valentine in the Caribbean.

Ocean Blues with your Boo

To end the day in Barbados, spend some intimate alone time with your partner and cruise the blue Caribbean waters sailing along the perfectly cut coastline. Plunge into the azul seas and experience the mysteries under the blue-who knows what you may find? Experience something new, experience one of a kind adventures, experience the Caribbean with the one you love. Where will your Route to Love lead you next?


The Routes to Love tour has landed us in the beautiful island of Antigua. Get intoxicated with the island charm and get immersed in the beauty and culture of the island people. Share in the island love and enjoy the marvels of nature that are within.

Saddle Up, Love.

Saddle up with the one you love and ride into the Caribbean sunset, not on a bike or boat but on a Horse. Yes! This is the perfect opportunity for you to hold on tight to your love and never let go. Ride along the white sandy beaches and witness the beautiful scenic spaces of Antigua. On this couples experience plunge into the warmth of the Caribbean Sea - still holding tight to your love. End the evening right and saddle into your seats on a beautiful candlelight dinner under the stars. Spending time with someone you love is best done by candlelight. Wet your pallets on this Antiguan culinary journey with diverse spices and marvel in the unique flavorful Antiguan dishes. Hold your partner's hand, look into their eyes and saddle into that magical kiss. Afterall, everything is beautiful, everything is right and everything is lovely in the Caribbean on your Route to Love.

Where will you spend Day 4 on our Route to Love journey in the Caribbean?


“Uh, turn your lights down low And pull your window curtain (yeah) Oh, let Jah moon come shining in Into our life again”

Jamaica the land of wood , water and LOVE!

Let Jah Love Reign

In Jamaica, you will have no problems. Put all your troubles away and fall into love and tranquility. After coming in from Antigua, start off your love trip in Jamaica by watching the brilliantly smokey red and orange sunset fade into the horizon. There is nothing like a Jamaican sunset as you look into the eyes of your love- soak it all in as you sail the beautiful Caribbean seas. Enjoy authentic Reggae music and hold your partner close and dance away the evening to some good Jamaican vibes.

On Day 5 of your Route to Love adventure, wake up for a day filled with many snuggles. Glide into the arms of your love as you float on the beautiful green waters. Take a second to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate the beauty of everything around you and beside you. Relax, unwind and melt into the arms of your love as you become one with the natural flora and fauna around you. While in Jamaica, soak up some more scenic views with the one you love. When we talk about views - other than thinking of your special person, imagine the views of The Blue Mountains. These unmatched views are best enjoyed with your partner, journey to the peak through hiking and then have a dip in the fresh falls of the Blues. End your Route to Love in the best way possible by enjoying some authentic Jamaican food - made by YOU! Put your partners culinary skills to the test and watch them create their own taste of Jamaica by making delicious mouthwatering jerk chicken or our famous coconut infused rice & peas.

On your Route to Love, fill your itinerary with amazing experiences from the Caribbean. Take on new adventures with your love, and enjoy the Caribbean from us to you with love.

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Contributed by: Blue Mountain Tours

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