Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Wonderfall in the Caribbean

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What are you doing this season? Let’s get dressed up and enjoy Wonderfall right here in the Caribbean. There are a number of ways to spend the season, with a variety of activities to meet the different sides of YOU. With numerous important days to celebrate such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, this season calls for fun and thrill.

These days are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated in special ways with unique adventures to share with your family, special person or even by yourself. If you are seeking a scary experience, a thrilling one or a warm family experience; these are the top five ways to enjoy Wonderfall in the Caribbean.


1. Rose Hall Night Experience

You may not be looking for ghosts this season, but they may be looking for you, if you visit the Rose Hall Great House Night Experience. This experience is sure to raise some hairs and cause some goosebumps. The Great House was once the home of Annie Palmer dubbed the “White Witch of Rose Hall".

Annie was said to have been a witch, who would have killed all three of her husbands. It is believed that she was later killed by one of her lovers at the age of 29. The belief is that her ghost still roams the property and can still be seen by guests during the tour, as her burial tomb is located on property.

The breathtaking stories of love, murder and mystery will leave you begging for more!

2. Halloween Cruise

It is said that scary things lurk under the sea like the Loch Ness Monster but don't worry you will be safe on the Catamaran Cruise “Halloween Edition”.

There are experiences designed to cater to your needs. You can take a cruise in the day with your family and enjoy the special treats, the music and most importantly the candy for the children.

The mystery of the night however awaits for those seeking to be spooked. Join the Halloween cruise at sunset and party into the night with halloween cocktails.

What costume will you be rocking? Remember it is all about the fun and experience, so get dressed up in your favorite costume and sail out into the deep unknown, this Wonderfall. With special stops, themed menus and multiple giveaways you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime.


3. Mini Routes-Pudding Man

The adventures in Wonderfall are not all scary but there are warm family oriented experiences to share with those you love. It is said in Jamaica that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly and the ‘Puddin Man’ in St. Ann is a great way to share the warmth with your loved ones and family this fall.

A perfect experience to share with family is by joining in the Mini Routes tour from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, stopping by the famous ‘Puddin Man’ in St. Ann and enjoying some sweet island delicacies.

The ‘Puddin Man’ whose actual name is Edgar, has been making these sweet treats for years as these recipes have been a part of his family for generations.

Enjoy the variations of ‘puddin’ and season specials such as Pumpkin Pudding. While you may be used to pumpkins being outside your homes and on your lawns during this season, here in the Caribbean, we use them as a prime ingredient to make treats all year round.

Who wouldn’t love a warm piece of pudding to share and further experience the warmth of the season? Bring the family together and reflect while enjoying a piece of pumpkin pudding here in the Caribbean, this Wonderfall.


4. Zipline

Another top thing to do this Wonderfall is to go ziplining. Get the thrill into the season and get the adrenaline pumping by soaring up to 60ft high in the treetop of the Caribbean.

Ziplining is a good activity to do to get your blood pumping and adrenaline raging. The breeze in your back, the speed going down the ziplines and your heartbeat stopping while you race through mid-air, is sure to create lasting memories. You can choose to zipline through the rugged terrain of Good Hope or down by the Rainforests in St. Lucia. Wherever you decide, it is sure to take your breath away-LITERALLY!

For authentic experiences, here are possible zipline adventures to consider:

5. Harrison’s Cave Tram

Imagine being underground in the dark, with creepy crawlies running around…now that screams thrill! Number five on the list is the Harrison’s Cave Tram.

The season calls for new experiences and a drive through Harrison's Cave is a perfect way to experience the thrill and excitement in Wonderfall. An underground cave may seem scary, but the excitement will be sure to supersede all your fears, although a little fear is good!

The thrill can be shared with family or it may be the perfect place to grab on to your special person when you get scared. Hidden gems are said to be in the Harrisons’s cave such as flowing streams, crystal pools and even towering columns. While these are not traditional treasures they are ones worth seeing. It’s a great wonder and with all these gems, what will you discover during your experience?

These top 5 things to do during Wonderfall are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime. With a season filled with such special days, it should be spent creating special moments and memories with those you love. Wonder this way and share in these exciting Caribbean experiences this Wonderfall.

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