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There’s really so much you can do in the Caribbean. No matter how many times you have visited, you can never truly exhaust the natural amenities of the islands’. In fact, there is an overwhelming peace and genuine, jaw dropping beauty in the things we locals take for granted. Thankfully, your curiosity allows me to take a minute and take in the uncapped outdoors to paint the picture of the kinds of experiences you can have on your tropical vacation.

For this read, I am taking you around the Caribbean in 5 minutes, pinpointing the best ways to experience the spirit of the islands and the vibrant culture each one shares.

Our first stop is to the Dutch Caribbean!

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Antigua’s Sun, Sand & Serenity

When I think of Antigua, swimsuits, sunglasses and big straw hats come to mind and all for good reason. The island has some of the most gorgeous sandy shores and warmest waters of anywhere in the Caribbean. Over at Stingray City, the waters are so clear and super inviting. While there, you can cross off swimming with a stingray off your bucket list. Another one on the open waters is a power catamaran cruise that takes you to some of the island’s most iconic locations like the Pillars of Hercules, Bird Island and Devil’s Bridge. Optionally, you can circumnavigate the island taking you both to the Pillars of Hercules and Stingray City. Either way, Antigua is full of sun, lots of sand and of course serenity goes hand in hand.

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Experience Wanderlust in Barbados

Barbados to me is riddled with wanderlust experiences. From luxury catamaran cruises with a full lunch onboard, to riding an electric bike through the open countryside. Not only can you enjoy these tours on the island but you can do so quite affordably. Barbados is very much giving what it was supposed to have gave with gorgeous views and grand experiences, all for a dime.

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Island Hopping through The Bahamas

The Lucayan Archipelago or what we better know as The Bahamas, is made up of about 7000 islands. Though some of them remain uninhabited, there are a few that I keep visiting over and over and over again. With tour operators like Island Routes, you can hop from one island to the next to visit Iguana Island, Compass Cay to see the island’s friendly Nurse Sharks and (this one is a must) Big Major Cay to see the famous swimming pigs. On brand with its oceanic wonders, you have to try the local cuisine which coincidentally can also be included on your tour.

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City Escapades in Curaçao

Quite unlike anywhere else I have seen in the Caribbean, Curaçao has some of the most beautiful city streets, nightlife and day time activities. As a child, I remember reading Archie comic books and then, developed an appreciation for vibrating colors. Driving through Curaçao brought back those memories. The beautiful multi-colored architecture and thoughtful street murals are just one aspect of what makes the island so unique. Another, is taking on the waters and heading to the secluded island of Klein (little) Curaçao. The island is about 40 mins away from the mainland but is a must see when visiting Curaçao.

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Grenada is Giving Summer Thrills

Grenada is all about the waters. Whether you are looking for a cruise on the sea or tubing along the freshwaters, Grenada is serving up Summer adventures. You know once you mention Grenada, the underwater sculpture park is a must. The park is the first in the world of its kind and snorkeling down to sit with the statues is definitely a thrilling experience. The sunsets in Grenada are also quite stunning. Make an evening of watching the sun go under in a high speed powerboat tour. You can also visit one of the island’s few waterfalls or go river tubing through a rainforest. But if you can’t choose, just do both!

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Escape to Paradise Jamaica

Whenever you think about a Caribbean paradise, I am sure Jamaica comes to mind. There is so much to do on the island and so many interesting ways to get around the island utopia; on a self driven MINI Cooper adventure, a high-speed powerboat, under the spirits or simply a hike.Whichever route you choose to take, land or sea, Jamaica is a maven of cool, calm spaces and natural beauty.

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The St. Lucia Journey to Paradise

Now St. Lucia is the romantic capital of the Caribbean. It would be a miss if there were no tours that included alcohol and/or chocolate since those are usually the start of an evening of love. Thankfully, there are more than a few tours you can consider in that alley. In fact there are rum paired chocolate experiences, stand alone rum tours and the popular chocolate decadence that is all about the local cocoa. On the other hand you have to see the twin Pitons, visit the world’s only drive-in-volcano for the famous mud crater baths and island hop over to Martinque . The journey in St. Lucia never truly ends.

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Turquoise Trails in Turks & Caicos

If it’s one thing that Turks and Caicos will boast is it’s beautiful turquoise waters from end to end. My entire time in Turks was consumed by the ocean. Whether on it or in it, the beauty of the waters will truly consume you. Some of the islands’ highlights include Iguana Island, Conch hunting and cooking, the Pirate’s Sanctuary and relaxing on the beach, sunscreen on and worries off.

To many, these are just a collection of fun experiences in the islands; for us locals, these are a show of the best parts of our culture. From Curacao’s street art, Antigua’s cozy, beach days, St. Lucia’s knack for romance, these are all areas of appreciation developed over the years from some of our more challenging times. These are the things that unify the Caribbean basin; we have transformed our origin story and have curated the very best displays of our culture for all to enjoy.

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Contributed by: Jana Barnes

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