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With These 5 Adventure Tours and Jumpstart Your 2024 Resolutions

The Caribbean makes for the perfect backdrop for adventure tours. Turquoise waters, powdery sand beaches, and rugged countryside are the ideal settings for fun in the sun. Discover the heart of an island by canopy. Dune buggy through a lush island landscape. Explore the underwater world and come face to face with exotic marine life … and so much more!

From shore trips to water excursions and more, check out our list of five adventure tours sure to bring you health and happiness in the New Year.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with a 2-in-1 Antigua Tour

Known for a city skyline that is dominated by the white baroque towers of St. John's Cathedral, St. John’s in Antigua boasts several adventure tours that should top your New Year bucket list. Fun-filled activities in Antigua abound and the Antigua Rainforest Zipline & Eco-Kayak Experience is just one of the many ways to experience this beautiful island destination. Here, you’ll marvel at one of the most breathtaking tropical rain forests in the world.

The first part of this adventure has you soaring 300 feet off the ground on zipline. Then, race through the glistening waterscape by speedboat to embark upon a kayak adventure through the gorgeous (and dynamic) mangroves. As a bonus, you can unwind with swimming and snorkeling and an authentic Antiguan lunch before your day of adventure and exploration ends.

Journey Deep into the Scenic Jamaican Countryside.

Jamaica is known as “The Land of Wood and Water”, and it doesn’t disappoint! The Dune Buggy Sandy Bay Adventure lets you explore the lesser-known splendor Jamaica has to offer—stunningly rugged mountain trails.

This adventure tour kicks off with a scenic view of Jamaica’s breathtaking seascape. Your easy-to-handle buggies will take you through the hills and plains of this unspoiled utopia where you’ll navigate through a small Jamaican village and up the rugged mountain trails. An incomparable photo op awaits at the end of your tour with the turquoise sea serving as your picturesque backdrop. What an exciting way to learn about Jamaica and its charming rural area!

Dive Below the Ocean's Surface and Explore the Wonders of Catalina Island

The Dominican Republic boasts wonders both on land and at sea and Dominican Republic excursions offer such variety due to the island’s protected landscape. Here, biodiversity is highly valued as 25% of DR’s land and shoreline are preserved as national parks, reserves, and sanctuaries. The Catalina Island Diving Excursion is one adventure that shows off the beauty of this treasured place—the underwater beauty that is!

Begin your adventure tour at “The Wall,” a drop-off with an impressive coral reef and exotic tropical fish such as yellow tail snapper, trumpet fish, green moray eels, squirrel fish, sea horses, and more. Then, take the plunge 45-feet below sea level to see the colorful marine life. No trip to Catalina would be complete without a stop at Casa de Campo beach, one of Catalina's most exclusive and stunning private beaches. While there, you can enjoy the beach club, your favorite tropical cocktails, island tunes, and an authentic, delectable Dominican lunch.

Discover Sint Maarten’s Unique History, Culture, and Natural Sights

Beautiful sunset views from St. Maarten beaches are unparalleled but there’s no better vista of the island than from above! The See St. Maarten Sky Explorer and Schooner Ride takes you through the verdant hilltops of St. Maarten to discover the splendor of this magical island.

The 3-in-1 adventure starts with a trip to a 17th century plantation house, where you’ll learn about customs and traditions of this former plantation. Then, you’ll have a chance to soar high above the hilltops on a chairlift and enjoy panoramic views of the island. Ever heard of a Schooner? This thrilling inner tube experience zips you back down the mountain in no time!

Hike your Way up a Natural World Wonder

St. Lucia’s twin peaks, the Pitons, are the jewels of the western coast of the island. You can explore the behemoth peaks by air, water, or ATV, but why do that when you can hike it? The Gros Piton Hike from Castries/Vieux Fort lets you trek the larger Gros Piton, towering nearly 3,000 feet above sea level. Climb this majestic site for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

On your St. Lucia pitons tour, you’ll take in all the sights and sounds of a lush and fertile land, spotting a variety of tree, plant, and wildlife species along the way. But the true prize awaits at the top: indescribable vistas. A secret treat? If you take this adventure tour during May or June, at the start of your journey, there’s a rocky path that leads to a beautiful area filled with mango trees. And of course, you’ll want to grab a few!

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