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For many adventurers travel is a way of life. We prowled the social pages of some of the top travel bloggers in the world to discover the most excellent adventures according to the experts. From hiking and diving, to cycling and watersports, here are our findings about the best land and sea adventures for thrill seekers. Get inspired!

One of the most revered bicycling tests is located on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Among the top travel adventures are bike tours. Not just any bike tour but excursions that make you want to thank a higher being for such beauty. One of the best feelings is to feel the wind on your face, taking in scenic routes that move you as you bike through breathtaking topography. Bicycling in France is on the lists of many bike enthusiasts who dream to take in the magnificent panorama, picturesque villages, verdant forests, and placid rivers while riding. A popular sport for more than a century, even France’s small islands like Corsica are famous for cycling. Thanks to the 2013 Tour de France, Corsica cemented itself as an alternative cycling destination in the Mediterranean. Stacked with mountains and offering up some of the world’s most difficult and charming long-distance biking loops, thrill seekers can circumnavigate a myriad of options including paved and unpaved surfaces.

A close contender for some is UK’s Isle of Skye with its undulating roads, challenging hills, Alps-like mountains, stunning beaches, and quaint towns. According to cycling enthusiasts, the best rides here are Trotternish Ridge and Quiraing, where charming but challenging roads force you out of your saddle and will no doubt have you grappling with your handlebars.

Even the world’s most decorated divers have bucket lists.

Diving into the great unknown has long been a revered quest of thrill seekers. Almost anyone can learn scuba diving, even kids. Whether freediving in Mexico or enjoying one of the many Bahamas diving experiences, wanderlust (or better yet water lust), never goes away once you get started. Wrecks, reefs, and crater dives in warm water tend to dominate the must-dive lists of avid scuba divers everywhere, with the Red Sea’s Thistlegorm wreck — a World War 2 shipwreck that carried war supplies — and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef at the top of many lists. A few cold-water dives including dives in the Galapagos, Iceland, and a popular Scotland wreck dive were also reappearing mentions among popular travel bloggers.

Adventurous divers have bucket lists that go beyond conventional conquests. Among their “Holy Grail” adventures are making a new discovery, diving into a volcano crater, diving into a hydrothermal vent, ice diving in the Arctic, and making the plunge on every continent. The top adventurers have already done all of these!

Wild valleys are among the most sought-after hiking destinations for climbing enthusiasts.

Instead of opting for cultural and natural sights only, adventurers go after a sense of achievement and want to overcome obstacles when it comes to seeking out the best of the best hiking adventures. A true adventurer can wade through fields of tall hogweeds and stinging nettles, or tackle St. Lucia hiking on Gros Piton without even blinking an eye.

The most popular hiking journeys of the adventurous always involve a challenge. One such challenge is found in the “Gem of the Caucasus” (aka Georgia). Nestled between the Black and Caspian seas, a most coveted adventure is a backpacking trek through some of the most remote parts of Caucasus. Adventurers are drawn to the Svaneti to Racha trek for its challenging, steep mountain passes and the wild, overgrown valley of Tskhenistskali river. Adventuresome hikers familiar with this route warn: This 3–4-day difficult trek is not for everyone!

In the world of watersports, one pastime pretty much has a monopoly as one of the most adventurous.

From spearfishing and sailing to sport fishing, travel bloggers have done it all. But when it comes to some of the most adventurous watersports, surfing made nearly every list. Surfing was the most popular watersport among travel bloggers by far and if you’re not a surfer, you’re in luck, as many agree that you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy this adrenaline rush. It is said the best surfer out there is always the one having the most fun!

According to surf enthusiasts, there are exclusive experiences that offer the ultimate surf trips with curated collections of resorts, boutique hotels, villas, and surf camps—that are tailormade for surfers and their surf goals. Surfers can literally wake up to remote gems with epic barrels or gentle waves depending on their skill level. Favored recommendations for must-visit waves include Noosa in Australia; Batu Balong in Bali (great beach for beginners); and Biarritz, in France – one of Europe’s most famous surfing destinations.

Outside of these singular adventurous experiences recommended by travel bloggers all over the world, you can find the best of both worlds with combo tours that blend exhilarating excursions. Two-in-one (or more) Caribbean tours are popular throughout the islands and many of these merged adventures — from hiking and kayaking excursions in Barbados , and kayaking and ziplining in Cancun , to the river tubing, ziplining, waterfall, and ATV Jamaica experience — give you the perfect opportunity to create exhilarating travel diaries of your own all in one shot!

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