We’re Drinking Rum in the Caribbean!

Yesterday, we celebrated the liquor of all liquors and their beautiful, tropical birthplace, the Caribbean. Served on the rocks or neat while sitting on the rocks, rum in the Caribbean burns a little more and tastes a little better than anywhere else in the world.

Rumor has it that the world’s oldest rum was actually distilled in Barbados and, even though they are separate brands of rum, it is also alleged that the oldest distillery also has roots in Barbados. Either way, the magic started in the Caribbean and the world could not be happier with its existence.

Most great rums are made from the aromatic and flavorful molasses, which is the byproduct of sugarcane juice. It all adds up, the Caribbean, like rum, is so captivating because with the sweet smell of sugarcane trailing the air, how could we get enough of the tropics and its innate rum culture?

In the spirit of National Rum Day, we honor some of the best rum distillers in the region like Appleton Estate in Jamaica, Storming Norman Rum in St. Lucia and Clarke’s Court Rum in Grenada.

Many have found that rum is best enjoyed when paired with the scenic outdoors. We can count on the Caribbean to provide us with a look book of gorgeous spaces, none like the other, giving very much - distinctive.

In Jamaica, the Appleton Estate Rum experience is complimented by the beautiful cascades of the popular fresh waterfall, YS Falls.

YS Falls naturally lends itself to the outdoors with plenty of freshwater pools, scenic gardens and seven waterfalls to explore.

Meanwhile over in St. Lucia, pair your drink with the stunning views treasured by Marigot Bay. The bay has been described as the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean, surrounded by lush, beautiful hills and covered in whispy, powdery, white sands; access to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The tales of rum, views and wonder are endless in the Caribbean. Perhaps this summer, you too can form a part of the story. Learn more about Island Routes’ Rum Day promotion on their website at www.islandroutes/_____.com. Happy National Rum Day to you all!

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