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We love the Caribbean and we know you do too! The Caribbean is home to some of the most magical hidden treasures known to man. The pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls and the vast Mountain Peaks - all add to the beauty of the ecosystem. As we fall in love with the great outdoors, it is important that we protect it, which means protecting all the flora and fauna that add to the Caribbean’s splendor, including THE TURTLES.

Broad shells and little legs, we immediately know it's a turtle. But did you know that turtles are some of the oldest reptiles on earth? Turtles are one of the most unique creatures within the ecosystem as they can live on land and sea and add to the overall function of the system, as they eat dead fishes which help to keep rivers and beaches clean. While these beautiful creatures are helping to protect the ecosystem we love so much, we have a problem as they have become endangered. Over 129 species are at risk of being poached, slaughtered and ultimately losing their habitats.

All hope is not lost because, as a team there are plans we can put in place to help to preserve the turtles.

Reduce Garbage Levels on the Beach

The Caribbean is our paradise home. We want you to enjoy the Caribbean sea and soak up the warmth of the sun as you overlook the pristine views of utopia. However, we must also protect paradise. Turtles can become entangled in plastic and debris left on beaches and garbage can also be mistaken for food by turtles. It is therefore important that garbage is disposed of properly. We want to enjoy the beauty and splendor of paradise for years to come and, therefore, we must keep it clean to preserve the harmony of our ecosystem.

Avoid Artificial Lights on the Beach

A cool night and a dark beach are the perfect conditions for turtle nesting. Lights from beach development can confuse baby turtles and cause them to come inland rather than going out to sea. Coming on land can be very dangerous for these turtles, as it can ultimately result in their capture or death. The artificial lights can also serve as a deterrent to female turtles wanting to come ashore to nest. Therefore it is vital that we refrain from using flashlights and other artificial lights on the beach at night.

Be Aware

While we all want to enjoy the sun, sea and sand of the Caribbean, we still need to be very aware. Avoid tampering with turtle nesting areas, meaning do not touch, shine lights or trample them. We ought to give these young turtles plenty of space as they make their way into the ocean.


Island Routes is committed to working together to preserve local turtle nesting sites. Marine life is precious to us and therefore we have put strong measures in place to keep young turtles safe. Turtles inhabit our beaches to lay their eggs and are safely guided back to the water once they have hatched. It is our job to work together to enjoy the paradise of the Caribbean. You can play a role! Partner with us to continue to preserve our home and let us save the turtles and keep our ecosystem in harmony.

Let us work together to save a turtle's life. One small step can have a big impact on the future of these endangered species. Let us be steady in our efforts to save our turtles. For more information on these and other island impact initiatives visit our website here.

Contributed by: Blue Mountain Tours

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