St. Lucia's Top 10 Culinary Experiences

Closing out the series of amazing tastes you can discover in the Caribbean, we have seen the ‘Top 5 Foods and Restaurants You Must Try in Curacao’ and the ‘Top 3 Ways To Enjoy Jamaica’s Best Local Flavors’, today, we send our taste buds to St. Lucia.

There has to be something in the food that makes the many accents of the Caribbean so melodic. And that is no different for St. Lucia. Listening to the poetry in the way these islanders put their words together, forming a natural rhythm, makes you want to bite into the saltfish and what they call ‘green fig’ to see if you can catch that singsong tone from the tropics too.

For a tiny island, St. Lucia is home to some of the most delicious dishes you will ever taste. Let us get into a few of them.

The National Dish

Like Jamaica, St. Lucia uses the codfish, which the islanders call saltfish, as a part of their national dish. The codfish is boiled a couple of times to remove a large portion of its salt contents before being broken into tiny pieces and sauteed with onions, peppers, thyme, escallion, tomatoes and powder seasonings to create a flavorful serving of the locals’ favourite. The codfish is then served with a side of what the folks here in St. Lucia call green figs, otherwise known as green bananas, boiled until soft.

Conch, conch and more...Conch

Conch is another Caribbean favorite that both Bahamas and St. Lucia have found interesting ways to prepare. In St. Lucia the cleaned conch is seasoned with fresh produce like carrots, red onions, cucumbers and other spices, seasoned to taste and then fried. This delicious meal, the Lucians’ call Lambi and is definitely a favorite for all who have tried it.

Drumroll...Black Pudding

Contrary to the local Lambi, the Black Pudding is not so easily liked. It might be the initial concern with the ingredients used to make the pudding or the actual taste of it but regardless of the reason, the Black Pudding is a controversial food choice. The black pudding is made from oatmeal, pork fat or beef suet, onion, milk, salt, black pepper, allspice and of course the make or break ingredient, fresh pig's blood. Those who have tasted, have one of two responses,they will either never try it again or if they like it, they swear by its uniquely delicious flavors. There is no inbetween.

Pepperpot, oh so Spicy

This is another Caribbean wide favorite. Locals to the region cook almost anything in pepper, mangoes, plums, shrimps, crabs, chicken, beef, oxtail, pork and the list could go on! In St. Lucia it is most common to see the pepperpot being prepared with varying meats, while other places like Jamaica mostly utilize Crab. Also, in St. Lucia, the pepperpot may not actually be peppered. It might be seasoned with pimento for flavor.

Soup of all Soups

St. Lucian’s are big fans of soup! As the Caribbean is known for unique experiences one of those experiences is the tasting of many exotic foods. A few of the island's most popular soups include the Bouyon, that you can pick up at almost any local restaurant and the Castries Market; Callaloo Soup and Cow Heel Soup. In general, soups in the Caribbean are much more hearty than a serving of broth. Included, you can most times find yams, dumplings, carrots, potatoes; and in places like St. Lucia, filled with a variety of meats like saltfish, lamb, pork and beef. No part of the animal is spared and so more unique soups like Cow Heel Soup is a delicacy on the island.

Sweet to Eat

Just like the Lucian’s their pastries are equally as sweet. As comfort, the locals enjoy flavors of the island like their homemade Saffron Buns,and tasty Banana Bread. Flour and fruits on the counter, more delicious sweet treats best enjoyed on the island include Avocado Balls born out of the island’s rich creole heritage, alongside the one-of-a-kind Pemmie, made from cornmeal, pumpkin and dried coconut. Pemmie, like the Jamaican Toto, gets its unique form from being wrapped into the leaf of a banana tree. So to answer your question, yes, bananas play a big role in the St. Lucian dining experience.

Steaming Hot

A pastry in hand, top of your delicious fantasies with a serving of the island's popular cocoa tea! Tea fixes everything in the Caribbean, a headache, bloating, acne or a broken leg (LOL, but it’s not a joke). Many Caribbean aunties and uncles (older locals) will recommend you drink a cup of tea to solve any problem you may have; more so herbal teas like mint and moringa. In St. Lucia, Hot Chocolate is the next best to soothe any troubled mind. Drink with care, you might end up relaxing the whole day away.

On the Rocks

What is a trip to the tropics without a taste of the Caribbean’s famous Rum Punch? Earlier this year we talked about the amazing rum served here in the Caribbean and specifically, here in St. Lucia (read more on the local rums HERE). The flavor behind these rums is the secret to why the islands’ rum punches taste soo good. The local beers are pretty good too. While in St. Lucia, be sure to grab a Piton Beer, aptly named by the island’s popular twin peaks; it’s the best beer you will find on the island.

Chocolate Decadence

The Lucians do chocolate the best! We grow our own cocoa beans to ensure they get the best care possible, for the best taste possible. From the tree to the bar, it is possible for you to join us in making your own chocolate and curating your own unique flavors. Hotel Chocolat is the place to be.

Sugar to Rum

Have you ever wondered why rum in the Caribbean is so good? Similar to how cocoa is grown and made into local chocolate, is how the Lucians do their rum. We go through the whole process of growing the sugar cane, chopping them down, bringing it to the factory and turning this sweet fruit into flavorful rum! Drink to a hearty vacation, the Lucians are always ready with a full glass!

These are only a few experiences you can have in St. Lucia. However the options are endless! The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s most amazing flavours. With the help of some of the most knowledgeable on the ins and outs of these islands, you are sure to leave with endless tasteful memories, only enough to tide you over for your next visit. Learn more about what St. Lucia has to offer at

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