The Caribbean is our EcoSystem but the World is our Home

4 Things to Know Before Visiting Turks and Caicos

195 countries, 7 continents, 5 oceans and only 1 Earth. For this Earth Day, we want to take the time to honor the environment in which we live, work and play. Of the near 200 countries in the world, Island Routes showcases the world’s most precious gems in 11 Caribbean islands and Mexico.

Within these beautiful destinations are some of the world’s most scenic and precious sights; and where better to see Mother Nature unfold but in the bosom of the mountains.

World Unesco Heritage Sites

Two of the Caribbean’s most popular mountain ranges are actually World Unesco Heritage Sites.

Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Peak

The mountain is filled with more than 10 freshwater waterfalls and is home to some of the island’s most hospitable communities. The beautiful backcountry and the sound of babbling brooks make adventuring in the Blue Mountain a signature memory to all who visit. Exploring the mountains is made easy with organized, downhill biking experiences and the newly added hiking tours. These experiences are two of the most authentic ways to see Jamaica. Through lush rainforests, across rivers and streams, to the sound of humming birds and the smell of freshly grown coffee - the Blue Mountain in Jamaica is a gem among treasures on Earth.

St. Lucia’s Pitons

The Pitons are two of St. Lucia’s most gorgeous sights. The twin peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton can be seen from almost any point on the island. As St. Lucia is a small island, while hiking the Pitons, you have a 180° view on either side. The mountains are home to a variety of flora and fauna and endemic animal life; making a hiking experience in the Pitons stand out more than a typical trek.

The Caribbean, let alone all the regions of the Earth, have nestled inside them, their own stories, best-of-the-bests and diamond quality, scenic experiences. If we were to exhaust all the reasons the Earth is amazing, then the words of this page would far out live the writer.

But on a day like Earth Day, we take the time to remember how good she - Earth, has been to us. We take the time to acknowledge that without the leafiest greens, blue skies and crystal-clear waters, the Caribbean would not be the same.

For more information on how you can explore the great outdoors with us, click here.

Happy Earth Day to you all.

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