Ever Been to Curacao … Solo?

Top Recommendations for Lone Travelers from Those Who Know Best

Solo travel is making a comeback and the pandemic has only fueled the passions of one who values both alone time and travel. The solo travel community knows about the destinations that best accommodate solo travelers and Curacao is one of them! Many places in the Caribbean are ideal for the solo traveler but there is just something about Curacao, which teems with year-round sunshine, colorful and unique style and architecture, and a sparkling, clear waterscape. Curaçao’s vibrancy is also reflected in its languages and diverse terrain—a blend of desert land and underwater realm full of marine life and remarkable coral. Cool beach bars and restaurants decorate the eastern side of Curaçao, and a rugged landscape of cacti, caves, and hidden beaches dominate the north.

Curacao is top-rated by solo travelers because there are plenty of places to unwind and enjoy your alone time but also venture out to the main trendy beaches and areas when you feel like being social. Here are the leading recommendations and top things to do in Curacao from solo travelers when visiting this island paradise.

Rent a Car.

Curaçao’s public transportation can be sporadic, and taxis can get pricey. According to the solo travel experts, you’ll want to ensure you get around safely and conveniently on your time. The solo travelers who have experienced irregular transportation when traveling recommend renting a car to make sure you can get around easily while solo. Many Caribbean destinations offer private car service if that is within your budget, and private tours in Curacao are ample.

Be sure to download a local navigation app once you’re there. Some solo travelers have reported that many of the popular navigation apps do not work on the island.

Bring a Selfie Stick.

Curaçao, a small island at just about 440 square miles, is a part of the ABC islands alongside Aruba and Bonaire located near Venezuela. While any ABC island beach is an optimal selfie spot, Curacao’s colorful rainbow architecture of vibrant pastels and bold primary hues serves as the perfect backdrop for your best images.

Instead of asking passing strangers to take your picture at every photo opportunity, bring a selfie stick. Other solo travelers suggest bringing along a tripod to take photos of yourself on your solo vacay. You can purchase one with a clicker for mini photoshoots.

Pack a Few Good Books.

In the days of digital readers, cellphones, tablets, and laptops, it could be easy to forget to bring one of the many forgotten instruments of the olden days: a good book. The beaches of Curacao are made for lazing with a good book in one hand and a pina colada in the other. Paperback or hardcovers will take up suitcase space and add pounds, but according to the most traveled solo adventurers, it will be worth it.

Take Time Learning about the Culture – Ahead of Time and While There.

There are so many ways to do this according to the expert solo travelers out there. Before your trip, discover the unique things about the island and the people. Books and encyclopedias are your best bets for learning about the history of the island beforehand. While there, engaging and interacting with the people will give you the best idea for what Curacao is all about. You can also soak up Curacao’s vibrant arts and cultural scene with a visit to an art gallery or one of the many museums.

Willemstad in Curaçao is one of the best spots for cultural tourism. For the arts lovers, solo travelers to this island destination say that no urban art enthusiast should miss exploring the gentrified neighborhoods on the Punda side of Willemstad, where you’ll find impressive murals by local artists.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before.

The best excursions in Curacao always incorporate the sea in one way or another. Here, the options for adventure are endless. Visit the acclaimed Sea Aquarium, the ideal Curacao excursion for solo travelers where you can view marine life in an open water system. All sea creatures have immediate contact with the sea, and you’ll have an up-close experience with the island’s marine life with fun, interactive shows.

Other top must-do recommendations for tours in Curacao perfect for the solo traveler include a trip to see Queen Emma Bridge, a floating pontoon bridge which links Punda (the “point” side) and Otrobanda (the “other” side). Opening into the Caribbean Sea, the Sint Anna Bay is a beautiful sight to behold both day and night. Curacao diving is another top suggestion for solo travelers. The island features an astonishing marine life scene. You can start with a scuba diving course if you’re new to diving, or dive right into the best Curacao locales if you’re a certified diver.

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