Top Instagram Worthy Destinations

These days amazing masterpieces can be produced—all with a touch of your smartphone. After taking a moment to delight in the wondrous backdrops of these scenic spots, you won’t be able to escape the thought: “Wait, let me take a selfie!” No filter necessary.


Full of colorful Dutch architecture and boats floating across the lovely waterscape, Willemstad, Curacao's capital city, offers up a picturesque setting and tons of other IG-worthy photo ops including Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge located in the historic downtown district; 17th century Fort Amsterdam; and Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue—the Western Hemisphere's oldest synagogue in continuous use, founded in 1651 by 12 families from Amsterdam. Some of the best tours in Curacao can be found in one place!


Barbados is a stunning island nation with plenty of character and interesting history. Hunte’s Garden is one of many attractions in Barbados that makes for great, shareable photos with family and friends. This botanical garden, set in a gully, boasts an array of tropical flowers, foliage, and lofty palms. Don’t be surprised if the local birds and animals that call this oasis home photobomb your perfect picture!


Besides having the world’s cleanest air, Tasmania has unique appeal alongside a storied past. Huon pine trees located in western Tasmania, are some of the oldest living things on earth. But it is Tasmania’s Flinders Island that will take your breath away. Known for two idyllic beaches, granite mountains, and unusual rock features, the island’s Trousers Point Beach presents crystalline waters and powdery white sand. Trek beyond the beaches to find caves and rock formations and eventually magnificent views over the Bass Strait islands.

The Azores

From volcano hopping across the nine distinctive volcanic islands (The Azores), to hot spring dips, jovial cultural festivals, and high-energy adventures, Portugal’s archipelago has it all. The island of Terceira though, will have you marveling at the patterned streets, palace architecture, museums, and churches—some of which are known to have had construction begin as early as the late 16th century. The enchanting settings here allow for the perfect opportunity to create your winning shot.


This tiny island is a charming blend of white sand beaches, cacti-studded deserts, seaside bluffs, and Dutch culture. There are plenty of IG-licious things to do in Aruba. Before its collapse, Natural Bridge was arguably the most photogenic spot on the island. Now, Arashi Beach’s California Lighthouse is the MVP for producing your best shots. This landmark is known for impressive, panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, sunset chasing, star gazing, and a quaint Italian restaurant located at its base.


Known as Spice Island, Tanzania’s Zanzibar has so many scenic locales, it’s hard to choose just one. Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a setting to behold but it is the townscape’s rooftops that give rise to impeccable IG photo scenes. Amid the clouds, you’ll take in breathtaking, panoramic views of this charming Swahili coastal trading town. Here, you’re invited to take your brunch to new heights, as the tops of some of the area’s buildings have been converted into lounges and swanky eateries.

St. Maarten

If you’re up for a hike, Pic du Paradis—located between the towns of Grand Case and Marigot—is a place to marvel at the lushest tropical flora on the island and capture awe-inspiring views of St. Maarten and the surrounding islands of Anguilla, Saba, and St. Eustatius. Plus, find delightful hideaway Loterie Farm at the foot of Pic du Paradis, decorated with spring water pools, distinctive suspension bridges, and verdant trails. For those who can’t stand the thought of about a 1,400-feet (424 meters) hike—taxis are available.

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