Pure Outdoor Promise

Island Routes Introduces

Pure Outdoor Promise

Though the world looks much different today, our desire to show you the untouched Caribbean in a fresh way has only strengthened. Good, clean fun is waiting for you with our new Pure Outdoor Promise, a six-tier commitment to a higher standard of cleanliness. We’re in it for the adventure, no matter where life takes us. 

With international travel now on the horizon, discerning travelers can now take on their tropical vacation with added comfort, knowing that their safety, sanitization and protection, along with social distancing from others and room to roam free in the great outdoors, are top of mind for us.


The Caribbean has always been the answer for travelers looking to stay close to home; soak up the sun, sand, and sea; and enjoy the beauty of the great, open, and untapped outdoors. We aim to keep it that way through the improvement of our world class sanitization protocols.


Introducing Island Routes’ Pure Outdoor Promise geared towards increasing its already stringent health and safety practices across all points of contact, in order to promote a healthy environment not only for its customers, but also for its team members and partners.


Good, clean fun is waiting for you - with our new six-tier safety protocol

Tri-Verified Cleaning and Sanitation

Island Routes has identified and implemented extensive measures across each touchpoint to ensure complete health and safety. Sanitizer solutions will be made available at key public areas, for both guests and staff, and routine sanitation will be carried out a minimum of four times throughout the day. The company has also identified critical control points for analyzing sanitation methods within each channel of its operations, including airport functions and transfers, Tour Desks, In-Destination Services, owned and operated tour experiences, and tour partners.

Precaution For Prevention

Island Routes’ staff now undergoes daily temperature checks and are required to wear masks and gloves during all guest interactions. In addition, dedicated Sanitization Officers have been appointed to ensure that new safety protocols are being executed and enforced.

5-Star Certification Training

Island Routes’ team members and partners have been trained and educated on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, including proper handling of disinfectants and overall viral information. Island Routes has also partnered with Ecolab to ensure that all its team members, along with its certified tour partners, are educated and certified on the ins and outs of the prevention and control of all Coronaviruses. This safeguards that each member is equipped to handle disinfectants safely, while following rigid quality control standards, and also be proficient on social distancing measures.

Fast-Track to Digital

Forms and manuals have been replaced by Island Routes’ new digital system, allowing guests to reduce physical interaction, as well as ease through public waiting areas for straight-to-vehicle access. All manual disclaimers will be replaced by electronic waivers, and any and all transactions, from the moment travelers touch down on the island, to transportation to their resort, as well as on tours and excursions, can be enjoyed without having to pay for anything in person.

Touchless Transportation

From pick-up to drop-off, guests can enjoy the cleanest in transportation, whether it’s roundtrip airport transfers or exciting excursions, without ever having to touch vehicle surfaces. Each vehicle will be cleaned before each transfer to include fogging, spraying, and/or misting with approved sanitization solution, paying special attention to seats, door handles and high touch areas. Car seats, infant carriers, head rests, and inside/outside car handles will be wrapped with a protective plastic covering for enhanced safety. Travelers can also opt for more exclusive, private transfers with their own personal attendant and driver.

Social Distancing & Private Groups

Social distancing is paramount in this fight against the Coronavirus. That is why Island Routes has reduced its tour occupancies by up to 50% and re-evaluated current procedures to comfortably encourage social distancing. By ensuring that there are no large groups, social distancing practices are easy to follow, and customers have the chance to roam freely in the great outdoors.

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Sit tight, we're searching hundreds of adventures to find the best deals for you

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