Get off the Beaten Path in Jamaica

We encounter some of the best experiences when we least expect them.

The Mind of a Destination Traveler

As a destination traveler, you sometimes get so caught up in organizing ‘the perfect vacation’ since you only take it once a year or once every few years, that by the time you actually go on that vacation, you are already exhausted and too tired to really enjoy the destination.

The Solution

The Caribbean is a composite of islands that can become difficult to roam on your own. In the right hands, you would be able to see the beauty of the islands on the water, under the tropical sun and in the most tucked away beauties you would not ordinarily be able to find.

Explore Jamaica

Jamaica is a favorite among travelers globally. The island seems to radiate happiness with the bluest, blue waters and the greenest, green country sides. The island’s locals, all 3 million of them, seem to have taken a class in hospitality because they are the most accommodating and friendliest group of people you will ever meet. Their smile as radiant as the sun makes the island’s adventures an even more enchanting experience.

Alongside the charm of the island folk, creating simple joys at the freshwater cascades of YS, Dunn’s River and Konoko Falls, basking in the open seas diving in head first at Rick’s Cafe, sailing the ocean blues on a Catamaran or speeding across the horizon on a powerboat is all in a day’s work for the team at Island Routes.

There is an experience for everyone. Muddy ATVs on the outskirts of a tropical rainforest, zipping with the birds through the treetops, horseback riding through the trails and into the open seas, rafting  along peaceful rivers on handcrafted bamboo rafts, driving along the pavements of Jamaica’s open road and so much more. Read more about how you can enjoy Jamaica in our post on the Top 6 Excursions in Jamaica you must See to Believe.

Where will you explore next? With the right team on deck, you can enjoy the Caribbean and make the most of your tropical vacation without ever lifting a finger. Learn more about vacationing in the Caribbean in Travel Courier’s latest publication Caribbean Secrets.

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